Holy Week Schedule:

Friday Service:
Good Friday Service 7:00 pm

Easter Sunday:
Easter Breakfast Potluck 9:45 am

Easter Service 11:00 am


We are a community of believers called by God to live humbly in the spirit of Christ and to act as His voice and hands in our world.

Our ministries and missions emphasize worship, prayer, study, hospitality to others, and care within our congregation.  We are focused especially on the issues of poverty in our community and the world around us through projects and programs aimed at addressing the needs of those who are hungry and without enough clothing or adequate shelter, and those suffering abuse.

W  W  W  W  W  


Christ is risen!




Day has dawned and shadows are left behind. The stone is rolled away and hope is reborn.

This is the day that our God has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.

God opens to us the gates of righteousness. We enter to give thanks to our God.

We give thanks, for our God is good. Godís steadfast love endures forever.

Set your mind on things that are above. Look up and welcome Christís appearing.

We have been raised with Christ. Glory is being revealed to us on this holy day.


Prayer of the Day

Let us pray.


God of amazing surprises, the story of Easter is ever new. Suddenly we are aware of your presence with us. We had lost touch with you. Our minds were full of worries and distractions, set on things of this earth. Our spirits felt the grip of death. Jesus seemed a legend from the past, not a real person who shared our common lot. But today, you awaken something new within us. We hear the cry, Christ is risen, and we want to respond. Dry our tears and all our names. We need the good news of Easter. Amen.



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