Seventh Sunday After Pentecost


We are a community of believers called by God to live humbly in the spirit of Christ and to act as His voice and hands in our world.

Our ministries and missions emphasize worship, prayer, study, hospitality to others, and care within our congregation.  We are focused especially on the issues of poverty in our community and the world around us through projects and programs aimed at addressing the needs of those who are hungry and without enough clothing or adequate shelter, and those suffering abuse.



ďThe kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seedÖĒ (Matthew 13:31)


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The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure of great value. Much will be sacrificed in order to possess it. Its worth is so obvious that its presence is protected. In order to retain its purity the superfluous is cast aside. Christ died that all may have life. God sends the Spirit so that Godís truth may be known. When Jesus calls us to discipleship, he bids us to forsake former ways.


Let us call on our God and give thanks. Let hearts rejoice as we sing Godís praise.

Glory be to God in whose covenant we find life. Let all the people tell of Godís wonderful works.

Let us open ourselves continually to Godís presence. Let us seek the strength that God alone provides.

Surely the Spirit helps us in our weakness. The Spirit searches our hearts and enlarges our prayers.

Who can separate us from the love of God? Will hardship, distress, or peril overcome us?

Nothing can separate us from Godís love. We can face all things, knowing Godís care.



Prayer of the Day


Meet us here, holy God, to search our hearts and strengthen our spirits. Plant your Word among us that it may spring up in nurturing, inviting ways for the sake of all your creatures. May we find in these moments of worship the assurance we need to live triumphantly in the face of loss, discouragement, and suffering.  Lead us, by the teaching and example of Jesus Christ, to trust you and your will for us. We believe that whatever happens, you can bring some good from it.  Show us, O God, the good you intend. Amen.



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