Fourth Sunday After Epiphany


We are a community of believers called by God to live humbly in the spirit of Christ and to act as His voice and hands in our world.

Our ministries and missions emphasize worship, prayer, study, hospitality to others, and care within our congregation.  We are focused especially on the issues of poverty in our community and the world around us through projects and programs aimed at addressing the needs of those who are hungry and without enough clothing or adequate shelter, and those suffering abuse.



Eleventh Century Fresco of the Exorcism at the Synagogue in Capernaum

Unknown Artist


File:Christus_heilt_einen_Besessenen.jpg  accessed 1/26/15




The authority of Jesus is cause for amazement. His teachings are not what the people expected. Even demons obey him; their power is dissolved. The crowds are astonished by what he accomplishes. Godís order has a way of upsetting the prevailing state of affairs. What is taught provides a new vision of what ought to be. What is done testifies to the unlimited scope of Godís goodness and love.





Opening Sentences


Great are the works of God, and greatly to be praised.

Godís righteousness endures forever.

We come together as a congregation of believers.

We give thanks to God with whole hearts.

God is gracious and merciful and trustworthy.

At all times, God is mindful of the covenant.

The works of Godís hands are established among us.

We can count on Godís righteousness and faithfulness.

Awe before God is the beginning of wisdom.

All who approach God in fear have good understanding.

Holy and awesome is Godís name.

We call on God to empower our worship.



Prayer of the Day

Let us pray.


God of the prophets, help us to recognize your voice among the competing claims of our day. Raise up in our midst authentic witnesses to your truth. Be present with us now to guide our prayers and praise. Let us not presume to know your message without careful listening or speak your word without discerning the Spirit. Light your fires within us so we may heed your summons and give our best in your service. Amen.


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